[MPlayer-users] Cutting DVD video with the '-sb' and '-endpos' options

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Mon Mar 30 09:58:52 CEST 2009

Jonathan Busby wrote:
> Jonathan Busby wrote:
>> The problem must lie then in the inaccurate timestamps
>> generated by Mplayer and subsequently written to the EDL
>> file. See the attached text file for an example. :)
> As another example, take the EDL file generated by
> Mplayer with with the -nosound option that you
> suggested. Here are the contents :
> 344.165253 402.590271 0
> 384.739105 433.295968 0
I didn't have those problems as earlier posts show an real example of 
waht I got. The 'a mix of hard-telecined, interlaced, and progressive 
content' maybe the problem.
Which version of mplayer do you use?
Current mplayer has a problem in playing with edl, where an older one 
does it perfect.
> As you can see the 3rd starting cut point has a
> timestamp value that is smaller than the 2nd
> ending cut point.
> Jonathan
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