[MPlayer-users] 1080i captures from HD PVR no longer working

Jason Tackaberry tack at urandom.ca
Wed Mar 25 02:09:27 CET 2009

A few weeks ago, 1080i captures from the HD PVR stopped playing
properly.  In the not so distant past (my last working checkout was Feb
21), I could playback such captures with -demuxer lavf.  I checked out
again on March 18, and they no longer play properly.

Without -demuxer lavf, the behaviour is the same as before: the video
appears to play at a much slower fps, and A-V desync increases by about
1s for every 3s of playback.

With -demuxer lavf now the behaviour seems to be the same as without,
except about every 0.2s or so it outputs: pts value < previous

Is there some new command line option needed for this type of content?
(I assume a sample is available in incoming/ but if not I can upload.)


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