[MPlayer-users] configure --help misleading for latest svn

Christian Ebert blacktrash at gmx.net
Tue Mar 24 09:10:03 CET 2009


The new configure options in svn HEAD are not (yet) reflected in:

./configure --help | fgrep extra
  --enable-rpath         enable runtime linker path for extra libs [disabled]
  --extra-cflags=FLAGS        extra CFLAGS
  --extra-libs=FLAGS          extra linker flags
  --extra-libs-mplayer=FLAGS  extra linker flags for MPlayer
  --extra-libs-mencoder=FLAGS extra linker flags for MEncoder
  --with-extralibdir=DIR      extra linker search paths in DIR (*)

--with-extralibdir is obsolete

--extra-libs should be --extra-ldflags

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