[MPlayer-users] Huge memory leak introduced between r28862 and r29032 (need help with binary search)

Kazuo Teramoto kaz.rag at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 14:24:59 CET 2009


I'm getting a huge memory leak on playing 720p H.264/AAC videos (the
memory leak don't happen with 400p H.264/AAC videos, I dont know how
general is this info because I tested with only one 720p and only two
low-res videos). The memory leak is really huge like 0.5% of memory
per second (I have 1gb of ram).

I'm in linux/x86_64 system running Arch Linux (but the mplayer is
compiled by myself). The memory leak is introduced between revs 28862
and 29032.

I like to do a binary search but this can be related not to mplayer
but to ffmpeg, so how I can do a binary search that use older revs of
ffmpeg too? Or better phrased how to do independently binary search on
mplayer and ffmpeg?

Thanks for reading. I like to find the source of this memory leak
because it make playing 720p H.264 videos impossibles on new revs.

Kazuo Teramoto.

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