[MPlayer-users] vdpau: no menu possible, but why OSD?

Nicola Berndt nb at komeda-berlin.de
Sat Mar 21 20:11:59 CET 2009


I bought a NVIDIA Geforce 8400 and got vdpau to run, wich actually is 
great, since CPU-load really drops down to a few percent.

After getting it all to work using some precompiled binaries I wanted to 
compile my own MPlayer, since the precompiled version was lacking the 
menu, wich I use to browse files using a remote and lirc. That didn't 
work and I found out that vdpau is not working with the menu option. As 
far as I could find out it has something to do with the unability of the 
NVIDIA driver to handle 2 video-streams at the same time and the menu 
seems to be an actual video stream. What I really don't understand now, 
is why the OSD is working?! Somehow the OSD must work different from the 
menu and the big question is, if the menu could/should maybe be modified 
to use the same displaying-routines as the OSD. All it displays are the 
same characters, so there should be a way to make it work, wich would 
bring the menu-function to everybody that is using accelerated video 
output, because I read the menu is generally not working with that.

So I am writing to the users list first, although I guess I should ask 
on one of the developper lists. I am just not sure, wich would be the 
right one. CVS?

If anybody could help me here, I'd be really happy, since I am stuck now 
with my new card on a Core2 machine wich can't play my 1080p title The 
Dark Knight, wich makes my really unhappy :(

With best regards,
../nico berndt

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