[MPlayer-users] svn MPlayer + VDPAU = ???

Goga777 goga777 at bk.ru
Thu Mar 12 07:55:53 CET 2009

> > can somebody confirm that svn MPlayer works well with vdpau nvidia cards ?
> > is it necessary to take any special actions for it ?
> I've been using it for a little while now and it works great in my
> experience.  Even better then xine-vdpau in some cases!  My current
> setup is VDR-1.7.4, xine-vdpau r247, xine-0.9.1, mplayer svn r28736.
> Here's my mplayer.sh script I use:
> #!/bin/sh
> CMDLINE="$mplayer -fs -vo vdpau -vc
> ffh264vdpau,ffmpeg12vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau, -ao alsa -cache 4096
> -slave -v -noconfig all -idx"
> sudo DISPLAY=:0.0 $CMDLINE "$1" &>/logs/mplayer.log

fine :)

@Gregoire Favre 
@VDR user

and what about of the records control in your vdr ? does rewind button / fast forward button / pause button work well with MPlayer and vdpau ?


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