[MPlayer-users] Possibly incorrect waveheader in -ao pcm

Igor Katson descentspb at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 12:29:46 CET 2009

I am trying to reencode a DTS 5.1 track into OGG. As soon as I don't
see any direct libvorbis output in mencoder, and the ffmpeg's
libvorbis does not encode more than 2 channels, I'm using oggenc.

The problem is, that when I make a fifo, and send mplayer output to
-ao pcm:file=fifo,
and start encoding with oggenc, oggenc looks at the header
and thinks that the file is only 1 hour length, though it is much more,
and when an hour is encoded, oggenc just stops the process.

Mplayer tells that


ffmpeg -i file.dts -f wav - | oggenc - -o out.ogg (the header seems ok here)
mplayer file.dts -ao pcm:file=fifo:nowaveheader | oggenc - -r -R 48000 
-C 6 -o out.ogg (raw pcm input)

work ok, but I don't want to use ffmpeg and also don't want to explicitly
write the properties of the input file to oggenc.

I think, that oggenc understands the ffmpeg header (if it is really 
there, cause I don't know how to check) better than the mplayer's one.

Thanks in advance.

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