[MPlayer-users] Question about Mplayer CLI usage - flicker between video files switch

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Tue Mar 3 12:57:47 CET 2009

Alexandru Nedelcu wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to play multiple video files, that I'm passing on the
> command line as such:
> mplayer -fs file1.avi file2.avi
> After file1.avi stops and before file2.avi begins the desktop is
> shown, and I don't want that.
> Is there any option to change this behaviour?

-fixed-vo is supposed to prevent that from happening. Once upon a time
it sometimes also had side effects which could be undesirable (depending
on the VO method used), but I think they were fixed quite a while ago.

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