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Sat Mar 21 19:08:20 CET 2009

256 and 8192, in power-of-two increments. Flexible window size is one
of the big benefits of ogg. Will just an average value for
samples-per-packet work ok in avi?

> the fault of nandub too (the reason of producing broken .avis with ogg)
> do you have the source for windows oggmux tool?

No. I wasn't particularly worried about making anything windows tools
could play -- just something that would be playable with mplayer, and
where I could use vorbis audio for high quality at very low bitrates
(more bits for the video :).

Perhaps if avi is just too broken to hold vorbis audio well, we should
just wait til the new muxer layer is in place and then store mpeg4
video in .ogg...


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