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Sat Mar 21 19:08:20 CET 2009

codecs to use to play different movie types...and i doubt many newbies will 
a) want to tweak that or b) know what to change to do so. So talking about 
it seems like a waste of their time.

3. French Translation by "nico"

Wow! thanx...great idea. When i come out with my final version, (less than a 
week, most likly) i'll be sure to contact you about a translation. Also, 
aside form a link to it on my english article, does anyone know of a web 
site relating to french speaking linux users that i might want to inform of 
a french transl. of my article, so more french people will be able to find 

4. Set text and BG color settings for your article.

O YAH! i knew i forgot to do something on my site/it's articles. thanx for 
the reminder.

5. Tell them about some of the other configure script options

will do. thanx.
6. Path to the KDE terminal window

i dont use KDE, so can someone tell me the path to it? (not the icon on the 
panel, but the path to the one in the K menu)

7. Have them make a sub-dir. for ll the mplayer tar.gz/bz2's.

good idea, thanx

8. Tell how to fix many of the errors possible, relating to lib* errors.

hum...i never came across those, so can someone please alert me of some of 
the possible lib deps. problems?

9. Don't have the newbies compile GCC...have em use RPMS, and tell em all 
the packages to remove/install to solve dependency hell.

ok, agreed....gcc compiling takes too long for newbies to do :)

10. Only have them be root when installing.

i tryed that at first, but then it added about 10 "su" and "exit"'s to the 
list of things for them to do. I know that root has massive power, and thus 
massive power to mess up...but i think that they should be okay.

11. Goetz Waschk said something about how rebuilding packages would be 
What package?

12. No need for steps on's part of mplayer's pre-* packages.

ok, thanx, i didnt know that

13. Point out how newbies can help themselves (RTFM, google, etc..)

o, yah...thats the best part of linux... thanx, i forgot about that.

14. tell them which files they can delete after installing mplayer.

ok, since i will now have them d/l and extract all the files to a sub-dir in 
their home dir., i'll let them no they can jsut remove that sub-dir.

Again, thanx to all.

please let me know what you all think about these that when i 
put them in affect, i wont end up re-modifing it again and again and 



p.s. thanx! thanx!

ppp.sss. thanx!

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