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Sat Mar 21 19:08:20 CET 2009

Good work !

Yesterday I've try last version from CVS and try a new option -vop cropdetect and -vop crop.

I've movie encoded by (no so smart) guys from Digital Force.
They encoded movie 640*280 as 640*480.
mplayer -vop cropdetect jackal.avi
detect only 638*478.

I suppose it because movie begins with an intro from Digital Force.
Oh, they like it very much.
This intro is 640*480 and lasts 7 seconds.
After that begins movie with black stripes.

So, could you add and an option to -vop cropdetect like
time, or frames, after that to check real size ?

I know you'll do this !

Best regards,
Ian Dichkovsky, mailto:iand at ukr net, ICQ 83146271

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