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Sat Mar 21 19:08:20 CET 2009

are superior in every way. Sure, *I* didn't write them, but they work,
and they work well. That's what I want. 

@>	GNU/Linux main objective is fully described at, don't
@>try to figure out.  If you are a GPL developer you have you own reasons,
@>but, remember, you accept the GPL terms ...

I may publish my software under the GPL, but nowhere in the licence
does it say that I have to believe the rhetoric. 

@>	What I see in the near future for the closed-software (and
@>hardware too) is what happen to Apple: wonderful hardware/software, but
@>expensive and a very low percentage of users.  That's what I see to
@>Winblows and to any closed-hardware solution, and that's what I mean about
@>"will be banished".  If nVidia has patent issues? well, it's their
@>problem, and probably will affect us someday, and I wouldn't be an hostage
@>of them more than necessary (since I bought a nVidia card).

The thing that will kill Microsoft, if anything does, is the cost of
ownership of their software. It's not about being open, it's about
being affordable. You'd be suprised at how few people care how
restrictive a licence is to a developer, as long as the software is

@>	I'm not promoting nVidia banishment at all.  Simply I won't buy
@>nVidia cards for my future Linux box anylonger.  Maybe for Apple or
@>Winblows box.  I have just one Linux box (the last one at least by now)
@>running nVidia card and it rocks, but I feel like a sinner as I'll explain

Well, this is fair enough. If you feel bad about using the card,
don't. And I respect your right to have this opinion, for sure. But I
still think your reasons are a little thin.

@>	What I don't like is seeing people that uses GNU/Linux and thinks
@>that's fine to use proprietary solution together as long as no charge.
@>Maybe it's a question of philosophy but if you use GNU/Linux only because
@>it's free of charge so the minimum retribution you can give back is to be
@>loyal to the idea of using only GPL programmes (at least try it, since I'm
@>not a Saint as Saint IGNUcius :-).  If you don't try to follow the GNU
@>philosophy you are, at least, giving support to ideas like of nVidia
@>proprietary driver solution for Linux.

I use proprietary solutions every day, because that's what it takes to
get the job done. I refuse to sit around and wait for software to
materialize to save me, or to use poor software because it's the only
GPL solution. I have my own projects to work on, and I don't have time
for everything. 

nvidia's solution isn't so heinous, anyway. They're acknowledging that
linux is something to be noticed, and they don't discriminate against
us just because we chose a different OS. Pretty nice of them. And if
you think in the long term, this gives credibility to Linux as an
alternate platform. Game programmers might be willing to take on
Linux, because nvidia is willing to take on Linux. And maybe, one day,
when the majority of people are using linux, they'll start opening up
their drivers.

@>	Maybe I'm not so fool believing that nVidia won't last forever but
@>GNU philosophy will.

Only time will tell, I suppose.


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