[MPlayer-users] Unable to play DVDs because --disable-dvdnav has no effect!!

Jan Schiefer cheaterjs at gmx.de
Sat Jan 17 22:21:07 CET 2009

Marcin 'Rambo' Roguski schrieb:
>> Are you using newest svn? Did you execute make distclean?
>> Is your DVD mounted with udf or iso9660 filesystem?
> ad 1) this is the most recent as of 9:15 CET ;-), it did not 
>       make a difference ayway since several dozens releases back
> ad 2) I do not do make distclean, I do rm -rf /usr/src/mplayer
> ad 3) I do not mount dvd, I let mplayer figure all out
>> My ./configure is:
>> ./configure --enable-gui --enable-largefiles 
>> --with-extraincdir=/usr/local/include --with-extralibdir=/usr/local/lib 
>> --disable-dvdnav
> the only difference in mine is that I --enable-menu and not specify
> --enable-largefiles which should be autodetected anyway (it is).
> in fact, just checked, nothing in /libdvdnav is being built, definitely.
> Rambo

Ah...I got the bad boy:

I see now that libdvdnav isn't build on my system either.
The line "libdvdnav:DVDOpenFileUDF:UDFFindFile /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO 
failed" comes from dvd_reader.c in libdvdread4. There is no libdvdnav on 
my system. Neither prebuild, nor in mplayer svn.

libdvdread4, in contrast to old libdvdread seems somehow have libdvdnav 
udf reading "integrated"...

Man...this sucks.

However, good night. Maybe we can continue this tomorrow.

Jan Schiefer!

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