[MPlayer-users] h.264 'slow motion' problem

Derek C derekmplayer at hssl.ie
Thu Jan 15 11:25:25 CET 2009

Hi Håkon,

>> - There is some basic problem with mplayer  not scanning far enough to
>> find anything useful. If you are playing directly from the stream, just
>> try again. If from a file use "-sb 1000000" and keep increasing by
>> 1000000 until you get something. There are switches for adressing
>> this  problem more directly. Hopefully someone more knowlegeable will
>> speak  up. :-)
> -tsprobe

I guess this switch only works with files [on disk] and not DVB-T TS streams?

>> - just in case there actually is some kind of performance problem, I
>> add  " -lavdopts fast -framedrop "
> -framedrop works terribly with H.264 video.  See other -lavdopts
> instead.

I second this one :)

The biggest problem with my H.264 [Irish DVB-T] stream is A/V sync
problems.  If the video jitters (slows down for a second) then the audio
keeps going.  The mplayer -autosync X switch doesn't seem to work with
H264 which is a pity.  If the A/V problem wasn't there it would be usable.


Derek C
In Ireland

Derek C
In Ireland

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