[MPlayer-users] So close now.... h.264 'slow motion' problem

Derek C derekmplayer at hssl.ie
Mon Jan 12 11:05:57 CET 2009

Hi Håkon,

> Interlaced h.264 content will confuse mplayers timing, -mc 2 will
> allow mplayer to move video frames around by 2 seconds, works well on the
> "video too slow" problem. (actually -mc 0.5 should suffice)

This is VERY interesting.

The "-mc 2" or, as you said, "-mc 0.5" work mostly.  The inclusion of this
switch brings the video up to fully speed [perfectly - no glitches].

There is a sync problem though (I guess by 2 seconds or 1/2 second
depending on the -mc setting?) - how do you adjust for this?

thanks very very much - I almost have TV!


Derek C
In Ireland

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