[MPlayer-users] mplayer 1.0rc2 crashes under Mac OS X with -ass option

Ulion ulion2002 at gmail.com
Mon May 26 08:55:14 CEST 2008

2008/5/20 Παναγιώτης Κατσαλούλης <panayotis at panayotis.com>:
> On 19 Μαϊ 2008, at 11:51 ΜΜ, The Wanderer wrote:
>> Παναγιώτης Κατσαλούλης wrote:
>>> Hello I have updated to latest official release of MPlayer for OS X.
>>> Although MPlayer plays fine, if I use the "-ass" option, mplayer
>>> crashes, as soon as it tries to display any subtitle in ASS format.
>>> This happens all the time.
>>> The message says:
>>> MPlayer interrupted by signal 10 in module: filter_video
>> It most likely says a lot more than that, including pointing you to
>> instructions on how to report crash bugs.
>> One step of those instructions is to try with the most recent
>> development version, unless the version you are already using is very
>> recent - which the latest officially-released version is not.
>> If you cannot try with the most recent development version, you can at
>> least provide a proper crash-bug report as per the instructions in the
>> documentation, but - particularly given that your crash seems to be
>> ASS-related, and the ASS code has IIRC received significant amounts of
>> development in the time since the release - my guess would be that the
>> bug has already been fixed and you are therefore out of luck.
> After tons of fine tuning, tweaking compilation parameters, config.h
> file and editing a couple of *.h files  I managed to compile mplayer
> in Leopard with ASS support. ( surprise - no trivial work at all).
> And it seems that it doesn't break.  :)
> The question is, though, which configuration parameters were used for
> the (just recently released) MPlayer for Mac OS X.
> I suspect that the problem is not with mplayer itself, but with the
> released binary. Which ./configure parameters were used? Is probably
> the OS X packager listening, to help with this issue?

Are you using mac intel machine and playing h264 files?, there's a bug
when playing certain h264 file on mac intel machine with current svn
mplayer, how about directly using console mplayer to play your files?


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