[MPlayer-users] Self-executing

JonY 10walls at gmail.com
Fri May 23 04:47:49 CEST 2008

William Houser wrote:
> I need some programming help. I want to make a self-executable movie in a single file. Now I can do this with Flash (convert movie to SWF then into EXE) but the compresion is so horrible that I have to use extremely high bitrates to make any kinda decent encode, which of course results in large files. There is also, of course, good old RadTools Bink and Smacker, which have been used in everthing from Diablo II to Red Faction, and thousands of other video games. It has decent video quality (not MPEG-4 quality, but not bad) as is completely self contained. BUT, it takes 2 hours to compress 20 minutes of data!!!!!
>       So...
> What I was wondering if there is some way to combine MPlayer and an AVI into a single exe.
> What I want to do is compile an exe by myself ( I am NOT a programmer..not a good one anyway)...if is it possible to, in a programming IDE, embed (embed not call) an already compiled executable (such as MPlayer.exe) AND an AVI file, pass the parameters to the MPlayer internally and run the movie from inside itself similar to a Flash Projecter .exe? I realize, of course, that I could just do this with a single folder and batch file, but thats not the point. I want a sinlge EXE. If it helps, I could also get the source code for Mplayer, but then wouldn't I have to compile it in it's native code? so.. help me out with your large brains please. Also if this is off thread please tell me which list to join.
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MPlayer can't do this. You are asking for the near impossible (as far as 
MPlayer is concerned).

However, you may want to look at RAD video tools which is able to do 
what you want.


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