[MPlayer-users] Multiple Viewing Windows on Different Monitors

Ulrich Lukas stellplatz-nr.13a at datenparkplatz.de
Tue May 20 21:44:16 CEST 2008

Hi Adam,

provided you are using the X-Window-System (X11) and have properly
configured a multiscreen setup, there shouldn't be any problem with your

Just use the X11 video output module and specify the desired X display
or X screen via MPlayer commandline (mplayer -display :0.0, mplayer
-display :0.1 and so on) or by setting the DISPLAY environment variable
accordingly before starting MPlayer.

I.e. first MPlayer instance is native (small or reduced) resolution on
local X screen 0.0; the commandline would be like this:

mplayer -vo x11 -display :0.0 [-zoom] [-vf eq2,....] moviefile.mkv

Second instance outputs on screen 0.1 which is a video projector
attached to the second output terminal of your video card:

mplayer -vo x11 -display :0.1 -zoom -fs [-vf eq2,....] moviefile.mkv

If your graphics driver supports it, you could use accelerated hardware
scaling etc. by using the -vo xv output module on one or more X screens,


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