[MPlayer-users] Change the colour of the green screen

J. Adam Craig adamcraig at peacefulassembly.org
Mon May 19 20:16:00 CEST 2008

> > > Whenever I launch my Windows install of MPlayer to play a .mov file in
> > > fullscreen mode, I see a brief blip in which a green screen is displayed
> > before my video starts.  Is there a way to change the colour of that
> > > screen to black?  We are showing the film to a theatre audience, and I
> > > would prefer them not to see a green flash before the film begins.
> > 
> > Look up the -colorkey option:
> > 
> > mplayer -colorkey 000000 myfile.avi
> > 
> > ...will play all files with a black colorkey. If you minimise the mplayer 
> > playback window, you may find that bits of video show through on any area of 
> > the desktop that is black (such as text) but that's probably an OK tradeoff 
> > in your situation.
> Well, colorkey 0x010101 probably fixes that with out any real visible
> difference.

Thank you both for your responses.  I have tried both as you suggested, but I still see a green blip before video playback (although I think it may last shorter than without the "colorkey" option).  The command I have entered is a follows (on Windows XP).

<path to mplayer> -vm -colorkey 010101 -adapter 2 "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Pamplin_short_HDTV.mov"

Your continued assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.

- Adam

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