[MPlayer-users] MPlayer not loading correct font

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Sun May 4 00:43:57 CEST 2008

Hi Krzysztof Duchnowski!

 On 2008.05.03 at 23:44:05 +0200, Krzysztof Duchnowski wrote next:

> It's not style, this "Arial Bold". It's font name itself and that is the 
> font. It's bolder in the regular style than "Arial" with bold style and 
> it have bold style witch is as "Arial" double/triple bolded.

Eh? Each truetype font contains a single font/style combo (well you can
pack together a few truetype fonts into a single file, but they'll
behave just like if they were in separate files).

And so, there is only single Arial Bold font. It doesn't matter whether
you call it 'Arial Bold', or 'Arial:style=Bold', it'll be the same font
(different from Arial). And there is nothing like "bolder version of
arial" which isn't 'arial bold' - there is one and only arial and one
and only arial bold. Well probably you can take regular arial font and
make it "bolder" artificially, but most likely it'll look plain ugly.
Fonts are carefully designed and you're not supposed to distort them by
such methods. Even through freetype supports aritifical emboldening or
artificial oblique mode, it's better to leave them alone.

> And quite the fonts have it that. They are separate fonts from it's 
> oryginal state (dunno why  it's made italics font version if this same 
> font have italics style but that how it is).

Can you give more concrete example?

Note that I'm talking strictly from computer perspective about things
related to truetype rendering. I don't know, maybe from
typography-related perspective you're right and there is a difference.
However, there's nothing you can do about that when we're talking about
font rendering on regular pc..



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