[MPlayer-users] CPU reqs for bluray

Ulrich Lukas stellplatz-nr.13a at datenparkplatz.de
Fri May 2 14:28:32 CEST 2008


I don't know about your specific hardware, and I have never played
BluRay content directly (obviously, because there is no "libDeAACS" yet).

My experience with hi-res H.264 content on an AMD dual-core CPU with
2.6GHz ("Athlon64 5000+") and rather slow onboard-graphic (NVidia 7050)
is as follows:

1080p plays fine at 24 or 25 fps with bitrates of around 15 Mibit/sec,
/if/ the content can be decoded multithreaded.

1080i with software deinterlacing, same bitrate and fps, also works
fine, if both CPU cores can be used.

When the video was decoded using x.264, dual-threading doesn't work.
That means, 1080p 24/25 works sometimes flawlessly, depending on bitrate
and encoding settings. With slightly reduced quality (hardly visible at
those high bitrates), decoding always works in real-time (e.g. "mplayer
-lavdopts skiploopfilter=nonref")

1080i w/ software-deinterlacer only works with reduced quality or even
skipping frames, if only one CPU core can be used.

I've compared the AMD CPU with an Intel core duo. AMD at 2600GHz and
Intel at 2300GHz: No remarkable difference in speed.

If AACS has to be decoded in real-time, my guess is this can only be
done if MPlayer fully supports multithreaded decoding for that video

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