[MPlayer-users] Crashes when menu is activated with xvmc output

Laurent Peltier moviebox at free.fr
Fri May 2 10:00:53 CEST 2008

> Try following patch, it just let libmenu do passthrough when outfmt is
> xvmc, I guess it can stop the crash, but it can not let the menu get
> showed when you are using xvmc output.
> You should keep one copy of your current mplayer to compare with the
> patched one to see whether sometimes the old copy can show menu while
> the patched one can not, then report here, I will try to fix it.
> I'm not familar with video filter framework of mplayer, so If anyone
> can write a patch or supply advice to let libmenu support xvmc output
> without crash, it's wellcome.

The question that i am posed is why the OSD states works and not the OSD 
do not work in the same way ?

The solution is perhaps in this difference !

Thank you still, of the time spent, which I am sure will render service 
to many users,
wishing to benefit from the HD with a not very powerful computer under 

Best regards


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