[MPlayer-users] libass case sensitive parsing of [V4+ Styles]

Tomáš Jirka spock at mail-box.cz
Sat Mar 29 07:57:45 CET 2008

it would be nice if libass was parsing [V4+ Styles] case insensitive.

When I have [v4+ Styles] in ass file (some program saves it as this - I 
know of one - Subtitle Processor), then Mplayer with libass support turned 
on doesn't display subtitles.

It is obvious from source code that performed comparision is case 

... if (!strncmp(str, "[V4+ Styles]", 12)) ...

Of course, manual editing of ass files (s/v4\+ Styles/V4\+ Styles/) is 
possible, however it should not be much work to make it case insensitive, 
and I think that some "problem" tolerance in decoder is always welcome.


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