[MPlayer-users] usnatch moved to sourceforge

Dallas aw585 at lafn.org
Fri Mar 28 12:23:43 CET 2008

I'm sending this to several public forums, (and several
private individuals) but not by CC:  to avoid crosspost
message bounce hell.

As a courtesy to everyone to let them know where I'm sending this:

mailto:lynx-dev at nongnu.org

mailto:mplayer-users at mplayerhq.hu

Rexx Language Association:
mailto:members at rexxla.org
(for nonmembers perhaps, news://comp.lang.rexx)

(Los Angeles) LAMP SIG:
mailto:lamp-user at maillist.lampsig.org

Feel free to forward this to any other place you want.

The purpose of this message is to announce that the Rexx
script 'usnatch', previously downloadable from:


has been accepted by Sourceforge, and the network
presence moved to:


now including a mailing list.

Also wanted to mention that someone on one of the above lists wanted to
be able to play videos by direct streaming of the Internet, and this is
now possible.  As I recall the current version has an underdocumented
switch to play straight off the net, or alternately you can leave off
the switch to play, and use the USNATCH_DOWNLOAD environmental variable
to redefine the download action from, say wget, to, for example,

'mplayer -vc ffflv -ac mp3 -cache 300 -prefer-ipv4 [URL]'


Dallas E. Legan II / legan at acm.org / dallas.legan at gmail.com / aw585 at lafn.org
   dallas_legan at users.sourceforge.net

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