[MPlayer-users] Black Screen on Chapter Switch

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Sun Mar 23 00:37:22 CET 2008

On 22 Mar 2008, at 21:34, Aaron Greenspan wrote:
> ... I ran into
> two annoying problems. One was that it took me a while to get past the
> DVD menu since there was no obvious way to navigate it.

I seem to recall encountering a DVD menu in mplayer (presumably using  
dvdnav) and being able to navigate it using the left & right cursor  
arrows (enter to select when "play movie" was highlighted).

Of course my vague recollections aren't much use, either.

Since my post 2 weeks ago on DVD playback (in which I felt I did give  
reasonably detailed information) has received no replies (my  
mailserver accidentally spamming the list probably didn't aid my  
request) I'm just going to give up on trying to play DVDs. I'll rip  
them from disk on my Windoze box and then use mplayer to transcode  
them to DivX (or whatever happens to be fashionable this week. H.264?)


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