[MPlayer-users] Black Screen on Chapter Switch

Aaron Greenspan aarong at thinkcomputer.com
Sat Mar 22 22:34:19 CET 2008


In case people weren't aware of this problem... I just tried to watch a
DVD from an ISO file, as there was no other way to watch this particular
film in the United States (it's Belgian and not distributed here)
without being at a film festival at the right time and place. I managed
to get mplayer to work with an external SRT subtitle file, which was a
step up from VLC Player, which couldn't handle it, but then I ran into
two annoying problems. One was that it took me a while to get past the
DVD menu since there was no obvious way to navigate it. The second was
that--and I'm not positive about this, but I'm pretty sure--every time
the DVD chapter changed, the screen went totally black (OSD included, if
it was on) but audio continued, pressing the left and right arrow keys
to seek was useless, and I had to restart mplayer at the new time
already into the movie. Basically, I ended up watching the movie in
five-minute increments. I tried this on two machines with two different
video cards; both had the same problem. There didn't appear to be any
other issues with my ISO file, and VLC Player didn't ever go dark, it
just couldn't handle external subtitles with a DVD-type video track.

Hope this helps someone...


Aaron Greenspan
President & CEO
Think Computer Corporation


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