[MPlayer-users] trying to minimize mplayer

Stefan Strobl nst at gersys.de
Wed Mar 19 17:33:18 CET 2008


I'm trying to minimize my mplayer for an embedded system. I went through 
all configuration options and disabled all but a few options that I 
need. A few questions:

1) when I, for example, configuring mplayer with and without the option 
--disable-decoder=zmbv the binary size of mplayer doesn't at all change. 
Also when invoking "mplayer -vc help" the decoder zmbv is still listed.

2) Does "mplayer -vc help" show all generally possible codecs or only 
the ones which are available? Same applies to "mplayer -ac help"?

3) Is it possible to configure mplayer without some/all filters? How?

BTW. So far I've managed to reduce binary size from 9.4MB to about 
6.9MB. I was hoping for some more... Any hints welcome.

Many thanks

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