[MPlayer-users] How to show number of playout frames?

Kai-Fu Chan 695470050 at ntnu.edu.tw
Thu Mar 13 03:33:13 CET 2008

 Hi all:

Is it possible to show how many frames MPlayer "really" displayed?

I built a test video stream and sent to MPlayer, these stream content are "I
P P P P P P P P I P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P".

The decoder could only decode and display 18 frames becaues last 16 P
frame's I frames had been dropped!!

However, the screen still show that "V:    0.0  34 / 34  ........."

I traced the source code and found the number "34 / 34" wrer come from two
variable "number_frames" and "number_frames_decode".

I thought these two variables should not the same meaning?

It seemed that the two variable show how many frames were received.

How can I get the numbers I want?
Please give me a hand.

Sincerely and regards,


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