[MPlayer-users] MPlayer -identify question

Alexander Bokovikov openworld at uralweb.ru
Fri Mar 7 17:33:17 CET 2008

Chris Ribe wrote:

> It's not altogether in one simple chart, but:
> ffmpeg -formats will give you most of what you need.
> http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/general.html#SEC3 has most of the information
> missing form the output of ffmpeg -formats

Yes, thank you!

Now I'm considering to use just FFMPEG to get all the information about 
source file. It looks like it retrieves all parameters even for ASF files, 
having incorrect framerate in container header. For the first look FFMPEG is 
100% what I need!

The only thing is that I've got a make error when I've tried to compile 
FFMPEG with --disable-network option trying to reduce EXE size... Will write 
about this fact in appropriate list...

Thank you for your help!

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