[MPlayer-users] Xinerama fullscreen

Andre Colomb acolomb at schickhardt.org
Tue Mar 4 20:42:28 CET 2008

Hi folks!

I'm using two 4:3 monitors side by side with xinerama, which makes a
total aspect ratio of 8:3 or 2.33:1. It fits nicely with widescreen
(2.35:1) movies and I recently discovered the "-xinerama -2" option,
scaling the movie across both screens.

Now, with 16:9 aspect ratio movies, the picture is split in half across
the screens with black bands on the sides. Is there a way to move it to
one side of the whole xinerama screenspace so that most of it would be
on the left screen for example?

There are several motivations for this kind of behaviour:
1. Both screens partially blank is IMO worse than one completely used
and the other only partially.
2. The most interesting parts of a movie are usually happening in the
center of the picture, so it shouldn't be split just there.
3. Some graphics cards (like Nvidia with their proprietary driver)
cannot sync the video overlay to both monitors' VSync. Therefore, one
screen is bound to flicker and the less picture space is on that screen,
the less you will notice it.

I tried using -xy 2560 (for 2*1280 width), but it eventually scales to a
height exceeding the screen height. Could this option be changed to
specify a maximum height as well, like ImageMagick's "-resize 2560x1024"

Another solution would be an option to specify the fullscreen picture
offset, instead of centering the image. A command to cycle through the
-xineramascreen options would also make sense in this context.

I had a look at the relevant source code portions, but I don't think I
understand the Big Picture enough to create a working patch.

Thanks for any feedback, great player btw!

Regards, Andre
From: Andre Colomb <acolomb at schickhardt.org>

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