[MPlayer-users] 5.1 OGG audio mapping to wrong channels?

Phil pwsjr1 at charter.net
Sun Mar 2 04:07:12 CET 2008

prizident wrote:
> В сообщении от Saturday 01 March 2008 23:08:11 вы написали:
>> After demuxing a DVD, the original source AC3 file plays perfectly in
>> MPlayer. However, after encoding the AC3 to OGG Vorbis, the channels
>> aren't output correctly in MPlayer.
>> MPlayer puts the center-channel audio in only the right channel and the
>> others aren't mapped out quite right either (I can't tell exactly what's
>> gone where). Best I can do using the channels=x:y options is to keep the
>> center-channel audio only in the right channel. Worst case, it
>> disappears completely.
> try this 
> -channels 6 -ao alsa:device=surround51 -af 
> channels=6:6:0:0:1:1:2:1:3:3:4:4:5:5
> (swap rear left and front right)
> it works for me, but for some reason i can hear only 2 channels (only silence 
> at center and rear channels)

Microsoft has a test WAV file here:

A voice announces the channel mapping. Encoding that to OGG and playing 
it im MPlayer made it a breeze to get the mappings correct.

This is what finally worked:
-af channels=6:6:0:0:1:5:2:1:3:2:4:3:5:4

the channels in the OGG are:
0=left front
1=center front
2=right front
3=left rear
4=right rear

and the destinations in MPlayer are:
0=left front
1=right front
2=left rear
3=right rear
5=center front

This seems to be consistent with the latest version of oggenc.

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