[MPlayer-users] mp3lib/ffmp3 performance issues on via c7

Robert Henney robh at rut.org
Fri Jun 20 03:12:40 CEST 2008

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 06:33:03PM -0400, Robert Henney wrote:

>         mp3lib ffmp3 ffvorbis
> pII cpu  1%     5%    5%
> c7 cpu   9%    15%    8%

I realize the results provided by top are fairly inaccurate.  Here are
the process 'user' times returned with:

    time mplayer sample.mp3 -ao pcm:file=/dev/null -ac $codec

        mp3lib  ffmp3   mad
  pII    11      19      25
  c7     19      42      54

done on an idle system, multiple times each to assure result was 
consistent.  oh, and I substituted mad for ffvorbis just to keep
everything mp3.

an initial reaction might be to conclude from the above that the c7
executes instructions less efficiently than the pII.  however, the
video codecs in mplayer I've happened to test so far execute in less
time on the c7 (though not by much), so I'm left wondering just
what kindof code is being generated for those particular audio codecs.

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