[MPlayer-users] software for sticking together two video files

Fulvio Peruggi fulvio.peruggi at alice.it
Tue Jun 17 01:44:54 CEST 2008

Hello Jethro,

> Does anyone know any open source software to make video files stuck
> together. For example I have a film cut to fit on 2cd's, I would like to
> copy it as only one file to a DVD.

this command line does the trick:

MEncoder -ovc copy -oac copy -o outputfile.avi inputfile1.avi inputfile2.avi
[inputfile3.avi ...]

The two (or 3, 4, ...) files to join must be coded in the same way (same
resolution, video and audio codec, and so on).

You may need other switches in the command line to specify some parameters of
the resulting movie (e.g. -noodml, -force-avi-aspect <value>, -ffourcc
<type>, and so on).

For more details read the manuals...

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