[MPlayer-users] Using mplayer with NX

Paul paul at 2.0websites.com
Tue Jun 3 14:36:39 CEST 2008

>> John said: 
>>             user                                   mplayer
>>               |                                        |
>> CAM______physical desktop-----------------------virtual desktop
>>              |                                          |
>>              |                                          |
>>           NXClient----------SMB share----------------NXServer
>> The webcam needs to be activated and de-activated by the application
>> mplayer) on the virtual desktop
>> ...
>> Why use mplayer for this? Use skype if you want to see a camera from
>> Then log into the client and startup a video session. 
>> mplayer can send streams but (and someone correct me if I am wrong),
>> is not designed to be a remote media controller. Mplayer is a media
>> and encoder. 
>> mplayer can receive many streams which are being streamed. It can be
>> on an off but the remote client control thing is beyond mplayer's core
>> functionality as I know it. 
>Alas, mplayer is one of only several applications which will need this
>functionality.  For example, they might use Skype but we have the same
>problem.  Skype will be running on the virtual desktop but the web cam
>and user are on the physical desktop.  Just like mplayer, Skype would
>need to control and receive input from the remote device.  I'm not usre
>that's possible but it would be a major coup if we could find some way
>to do it.  Thanks - John

You show a connection between client and server using smb. Does the physical
desktop have a command line or gui interface? Can it run mplayer? If so,
virtualize access to physical desktop camera using ssh, VNC or the like,
turn it on, control it, start the camera stream. Send the stream as rtp,
smb, ip etc.  

Then, once the stream is streaming as rtp, smb, ip etc., access the camera
image stream on the virtual desktop using the select protocol, in another
instance of mplayer.  

It's sort of like running a live Webcast. 

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