[MPlayer-users] after one or two days mplayer stop ?

Jens Hanowell hanowell at muenster.de
Mon Jun 2 21:32:44 CEST 2008

> Hello !
> I've been tried to use MPlayer for a few weeks. After one or two days all slave players stop.
> I use mplayer in slave mode and  I play 4 videos on a window.
> I plan my program will never close in other words  this program will work at least one month in a lot of machine. 
> What is wrong ? any suggestion, advice or idea ...
>     Windows XP sp2
>     -vo directx
>     -slave
>     -identify
>     -quiet
>     -wid windowHandle
>     -colorkey color
>     -loop 0
>     -msglevel all=6
>     -nokeepaspect
>     -framedrop
>     -autosync 100
> thanks in advance.

I had the same problem. Have a look at the memory consumption 
of the running mplayer. In my system mplayer stops after 1-2
days looping around short videos because there is no more free 
memory. If this is the case in your system then follow thread 
"memory leak on input file change"

Greetings Jens

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