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Muppet Man muppetman4662 at yahoo.com
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1)  The type of card I have is a pinnicle PCTV card (i800) http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Pinnacle_PCTV_HD_Card_(800i).  I've used the card with TVtime, but the sound delay with TV time is annoying.  Also, TVtime is not set up for digital broadcast.

2)  I do not have "cable" or satelite, I would like to grab stuff via "over the air" broadcast, and that's why I looked into mplayer.
Thanks again for all the information.

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> I was wondering if there is a better guide for using mplayer with a TV
> tuning card.  Maybe it's my newness to linux, but the guide that is
> posted on website is very vague.

First, what kind of card do you have?  A simple raw YUV card?  A DVB-T
card?  An analog MPEG-encoder? 

Second, is your card set-up and working?  ie. Can you watch TV with
other apps like tvtime?  If not, it's a basic Linux question, having
nothing to do with MPlayer.  Find a Video4Linux how-to.

Once that's working, it should be simple to use MPlayer, depending on
the type of card. eg.: 

mplayer tv:// -tv chanlist=us-cable:channel=(channel)
mplayer dvb://(channel) 
mplayer /dev/video0 
mplayer pvr://


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