[MPlayer-users] Fullscreen does not work on nonstandard resolution 1366x768

lzap lzap at seznam.cz
Tue Jul 29 13:11:31 CEST 2008

Hello there,

my TV TOSHIBA can officially do only 1024x768 over VGA connector but I
have found out that some combinations of modelines in XOrg @ Linux
and resolutions (1368x768 or 1366x768) works pretty well and full TV
screen is used (no black bars over VGA). Great but...

mplayer does not work well in fulscreen mode. The whole picture is
moved left, there is a vertical black bar on the right side (see the
attached resolution-foto2.jpeg). The video is OK and I can even zoom
the picture using W and E keys to push out the black bar (but losting
left side of the picture). When using mplayer without fullscreen
everything goes well - I can even maximize the window to fill whole
screen (see the resolution-foto1.jpeg).

If I use x11 video output the picture is rendered ok. I can see this
problem only in xv, xvmc, gl and gl2 modes (maybe more, didnt test
them all as I do not have all required hardware).

The strange thing is if I use VLC in the XVideo mode it renders well.
My first assupmtion was "an issue in the xv code" but after this
discovery I am not sure. What does this trigger? Such as untypical
resolution? Is this a issue in mplayer or in xv code?

I am using Ubuntu 8.04.1 with distribution mplayer. I have also tested
this behaviour on latest vanilla.

I am attaching mplayer output as well as my xorg.conf. I would
appreciate any tips or help. Thank you in advance.

Attachments: http://static.zapletalovi.com/temp/mplayer/


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