[MPlayer-users] just a feature question

Jane Morgan beeo at popstar.com
Mon Jul 28 06:50:29 CEST 2008

  The relevant parameter for you is Alignment, ASS specs say on it:
  This sets how text is "justified" within the Left/Right onscreen
  margins, and also the vertical placing. Values may be 1=Left,
  2=Centered, 3=Right. Add 4 to the value for a "Toptitle". Add 8 to
  value for a "Midtitle".
  eg. 5 = left-justified toptitle

zank you for the clear & working assistance! =)

I am unsure about syntax for multiple instances with those ass commands
--- like

-ass -assforce-style alignment=5 primarycolour=0x80FFFFFF

i tried putting a comma in between alignment and primarycolour, but that
doesn't work!

and also tried this way

-ass -assforce-style alignment=5 -assforce-style primarycolour=0x80FFFFFF

and this

-ass -assforce-style alignment=5 -ass  -assforce-style

but no go... :(

How would I issue multiple ASS commands on same line? thank you so much

Kind regards, J.

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