[MPlayer-users] need sample channels.con for DVB-T

Dan Taylor dtaylor at startrac.com
Sat Jul 12 00:00:35 CEST 2008

On Friday 11 July 2008 01:06:20 Dan Taylor wrote:
>> I'm trying to test more of the features of an AVerMedia
>> DVB-T/Analog TV card and I need some sample channel.conf (or
>> channels.conf.ter) files so I can verify that it is working
>> correctly.  Is there a collection somewhere or could some of you
>> send samples to me?

> use "scan" feeding it one of the files available here:
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/dvb-apps/file/73b910014d07/util/scan/dvb-t/

I'm in Southern California, so I cannot "scan" real DVB-T transmitters.
I have a test generator that needs to be configured correctly for
frequency, modulation, ... that I can then "scan" to see if the system
finds it.  Initially, though, I want to set up a channels.conf[.ter]
with known good values, start mplayer on one/some of those channels, and
be sure that I can configure the test generator to match.

I've done this with analog PAL for several countries with a different
generator, then used "scantv" to be sure that I can find the one it is


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