[MPlayer-users] MPlayer -identify question

Alexander Bokovikov openworld at uralweb.ru
Fri Feb 29 18:01:24 CET 2008

Hi, All,

I'm trying to use -dentify option to get full info about mediafile.
I use:

mplayer.exe -really-quiet -ao null -vo null -frames 0 -identify file.ext

Unfortunately I don't see any way to get the next data:

ID_VIDEO_BITRATE (is always 0 but for AVI)
ID_VIDEO_FPS (is valid for AVI and MOV only)

Is there any way to get these parameters? Earlier I used FFMPEG for similar 
purpose, and it returned fps and bitrate values even for ASF files, though 
it was done somehow indirectly. Unfortunately I can't use FFMPEG now because 
it does not support many new video formats.

Is there any way to make MPlayer to retrieve (to calculate, etc.) these 
parameters for streaming video formats like MPG, ASF, WMV, etc.?

Also I have one related question.

ID_VIDEO_FORMAT as well as ID_AUDIO_FORMAT usually are returned with some 
numeric or alphanumeric identifiers. Where could I get a table with 
corresponding format names? For example:

ID_VIDEO_FORMAT=avc1 - ????
ID_VIDEO_CODEC=ffh264 - (as I assume) H264
ID_AUDIO_CODEC=faad - (as I assume) AAC

Maybe MPlayer code has a module with such definitions?

Finally -- did anybody ever try to exclude all modules from MPlayer but 
nesessary for -identify command? I beleave such utility would be of much 
smaller size! How about it?


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