[MPlayer-users] mplayer svn compile fails w/ icc 10.1

Sam Logen starz909 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 10:50:12 CET 2008

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.  First,
I'd like to say what a tremendous job you guys are
doing with this project - I've been compiling my own
binaries of mplayer for years.

Anyway, I recently installed gentoo on a pentium-m
laptop with a mix of gcc and icc compiling (Icc v.
10.1.012).  So I got to compiling mplayer, and I
noticed that mplayer's svn repos have comments on
making the source compatible with icc > 10.1.

So I grabbed an ebuild file from a multimedia overlay
for compiling mplayer from live svn (as of 2/28/2008 @
1:00 am).  I checked it out, and began compiling with
icc.  Eventually the compile errored with various
errors concerning mmx, mmx2, sse, etc. (the errors are

I tried compiling both with and without
"custom-cflags".  But whether I used my own Cflags or
let mplayer choose the cflags to use, the compile
errors.  I also tried compiling with the following
configure options disabled: mmx, mmxext, sse, sse2. 
Still the compile errors.

Here are the icc options I used with 'custom-cflags',
I believe they are safe - they compile 70% of the
packages I install cleanly:

-O2 -no-prec-div -fomit-frame-pointer -xN -gcc

The file I'm attaching is an error report of a failed
icc compile WITHOUT any custom cflags, and with cpu

If you need additional information about this, I'd be
pleased to give it.


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