[MPlayer-users] chapters, dvdnav and forcedsubsonly

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Thu Feb 28 01:19:55 CET 2008

Some time ago I complained about something with the subtitle settings 
not surviving the chapter break when in dvdnav mode. Now I have to 
correct some of the claims I made: apparently, setting -forcedsubsonly 
on the command (something I have on by default) will be active every 
time a new chapters begins, even if I manually set it to visible by 
pressing the 'F' key. I don't have a DVD currently handy where forced 
subs as they are intended are displayed, so i cannot test a.t.m. if it 
works correct with these, i.e. if they are displayed nonetheless... in 
fact, this would be a good time to test out if the star wars DVDs would 
work finally...


hm, doesn't look like it... ok, if i specify sid 10 with dvd, it works 
(though 10 is not listed as available subtitle at the beginning), with 
dvdnav there's still no luck... something besides: why are the subtitles 
printed out with 32 offset with dvdnav? in stream_dvdnav.c in the 
show_chapters... function, 0x20 is explicitly added to the sid number? 
any reason for that?

at least the AV-sync problem I reported the last time is now gone for 
good. if it weren't for this subtitle thing, I'd be the happiest person 
on the planet... hoping that the patched libdvdnav (with support for the 
newest 'Protection' involving modified UDF/ISO filesystems) really works 
- for a lack of such DVDs i could not test it on them yet.


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