[MPlayer-users] problem playing compressed MJPEG video

Stefan Strobl nst at gersys.de
Wed Feb 27 12:22:44 CET 2008


Stefan Strobl wrote:
> 1. The video only shows if I disable the compression, i.e. set the
> compression to 0. Setting the value to anything else, mplayer cannot
> display the video. In this state I have to press Ctrl+C twice in order
> to exit abnormally. Is the mjpeg decoder supposed to handle different
> compression levels?

The problem was not the decoder but the demuxer. For my AXIS camera I
have to use the lavf demuxer, i.e. call mplayer with "-demuxer lavf". I
can now view videos at different compression levels! BTW, the only
decoder which worked for me is the ffmjpeg.

Regards, Stefan.

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