[MPlayer-users] MPlayer-users Digest, Vol 50, Issue 68

Alexander Bokovikov openworld at uralweb.ru
Tue Feb 26 20:44:38 CET 2008

John Brown wrote:

> You can download my MEncoder binary at:
> http://download.yousendit.com/37C2D39D4E615431

Thanks, have got it.

> I can confirm that my most recent svn version 26094 does not correctly 
> encode
> the video and audio together in one pass, unless you add -mc 0 to the 
> command
> line.  However, an earlier version 25780 does. I used this command line:

Stop, stop... Let's go step by step!

First we talk about a simple thing -- pure MP3 output. I've tested your SVN 
buid and have found that it still produces bad (shorter) file when I use abr 
option. Though if I use cbr option, I get good file exactly as RC1 and RC2 
do for cbr. So, I can conclude, that SVN's "migrate" from stable to unstable 
versions and back :) What can I say... That's a development process... 
Though it would be great if this thread would be noticed by someone, who 
deals with this subject...

I yet need to test "your" SVN build for mute video production, therefore I'd 
like to know your opinion about how (if) -vf harddup option (as well as -mc 
0) could help to make MEncoder to be more stable in several video formats 
conversion into mute FLV. Will it be better to use them always, when I 
produce mute video using -nosound option?

I'm asking this because I still consider 3-pass encoding, (because of 
unstable SVNs):

1. A mute FLV production

2. Pure MP3 with CBR production

3. Muxing FLV + MP3 by my own utility.

> mencoder.exe -o test.flv -of lavf -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=64:mode=3
> -srate 22050 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=flv:vbitrate=300 -vf harddup
> -endpos 100

I'm afraid you just did not notice missynch for such short time. As I see 
for MP3, it works just in the same incorrect way when ABR is used. Though 
I'll try to use it with CBR. As for audio, it works OK. So, there is a 
chance that we'll make it to work with video/audio too.

> I put the endpos there to stop it before it reaches the end of the file, 
> which
> is about 105 secs.

Really, I've forgotten about it... Thanks for mentioning!

> With the most recent svn, there are a lot of "Skipping frame!" messages 
> (without
> -mc 0: -vf harddup did not help, neither did -noskip) and I get the desync 
> that
> you described.

Is it your 25780 or some newer? I saw a lot of "Skipping frame!" messages if 
I use your build with ABR option. Though all is going OK if I use CBR.

Thank you for your help!

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