[MPlayer-users] Some issues in FLV encoding

John Brown johnbrown105 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 26 00:06:07 CET 2008

Alexander Bokovikov wrote:
> John Brown wrote:
>> It works for me. Which version are you using? I use svn 26094.
> The latest SVN build I have is 25962. I use Windows buids only. If you know 
> where to get newer build I'd highly appreciate your help!

I build my own. I can send you a link using yousendit.com. You should set
up your computer so that you can do it yourself. It is very tiresome, but
you only have to do it once.

>> You should follow the instructions in the MPlayer documentation for 
>> reporting problems:
>> command line, mencoder version, -v output, etc.
> OK, will try to do it with this simply visible problem:
> You gave me a solution for MP3 production. Here is my command line, based on 
> it:
> mencoder-rc1.exe wh.mov -o wh.mp3 -of rawaudio -oac mp3lame -lameopts 
> abr:br=64 -srate 22050 -ovc frameno
> Earlier I reported that it works... In fact it does not! Here is the story.
> I've tried it with 3 versions of MEncoder:
> 1. RC1
> [snip]

> 2. RC2
> 3. SVN 25962


> Your solution works fine only with RC1. RC2 and SVN both produce shorter 
> file:
> RC1 : MP3 file info (from WinAmp):
> Length: 1317 seconds
> RC2 : MP3 file info (from WinAmp):
> Length: 1198 seconds
> SVN : MP3 file info (from WinAmp):
> Length: 1080 seconds
> Here are MEncoder output for each version:

[lots of output snipped]

> Here is it. Hope it is all what is required to ask for support. For better 
> reading you can download this information as a plain text file from here:
> http://bokovikov.com/mplayer/audiobug.txt

Be careful what you ask for .... Unfortunately, most of mencoder's output means
nothing to me.
Maybe someone else will see the problem.

> As I can note from logs, SVN stops its work as soon as video stream reaches 
> its end despite to the fact that (see the top of log) video stream is 
> ignored! In my opinion this is something close to the problem source. 
> Unfortunately RC2 does not show such line in its log -- it reports about 
> both audio and video termination at the same time. Nevertheless I beleave it 
> just does not report about video stream termination, but acts just as SVN.
> Hope this can be resolved somehow and probably solution will resolve my main 
> problem with the audio/video missynch in "full" mode.
> Please let me know if I should upload the source MOV file (~113 MBytes)
You don't need to upload the whole file. You can use dd (a version for 
Windows is at
- look near the end of the page)

dd bs=1024 count=5120 if=infile.mov of=outfile.mov

will give you  5120 blocks (where block size = 1024 bytes) = 5 MB.

Just send enough so that the problem can be reproduced. I have given as much
help as I can though. Maybe my test was too short.

Also, there is a mencoder user's list. You might get more help if you
post there.

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