[MPlayer-users] scaling a png image

amit bag amit.bangalore07 at yahoo.co.in
Fri Feb 22 07:43:44 CET 2008

           I covert one frame to png file by the conmmand line option 
          [ mplayer -vo png iframe.ifr ] iframe.ifr is the frame file name .
           It out put a png file in the same directory .But the png image in of   size       640X480 .I want to make it 720X576 .So I try the option 
[mplayer -vo png -x 720 -y 576 iframe.ifr] .But the output file width and hight not changing accordingly .So can any one tell me how to change the with and hight of a png image file output by the mplayer .Please reply me soon its argent .

Amit Kumar Bag

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