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list-catcher list-catcher at hellburner.com
Sun Feb 17 09:26:50 CET 2008

> "list-catcher" <list-catcher at hellburner.com> writes:
>> However the track plays fine with a standalone dvd player.  The disk
>> looks clean.  maybe a few spots on the extreme edges...
> It sounds like the new protection scheme from Sony. You need to
> recompile mplayer with the SVN version of dvdnav from the mplayer site:
> svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/dvdnav/trunk/libdvdnav
> and access it through dvdnav:// instead of dvd://.

This I suspected as well, however:

libdvdnav: ifoRead_TITLE_VOBU_ADMAP vtsi failed
dvdnav_stream, couldn't select title 3, error 'New position not yet
No stream found to handle url dvdnav://3

Dunno.  I tried 1.0rc2 which is on my Doze laptop, thinking maybe my drive
was terminal, but no, didn't work there either.

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