[MPlayer-users] Test this patch for MPEG-TS over network/dvb streams

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sat Feb 16 10:09:42 CET 2008

Nico Sabbi <Nicola.Sabbi <at> poste.it> writes:

> Please, let me know if you experience improvements and/or regressions, and 
> especially let mplayer run on the same channel for some hour before reporting
> success.

While without the patch, I only seldom have to use a scan (page up once) to
playback DVB without any problems, with the patch, I get "too many packets" on
every run, and I have to use page up on _every_ start to get smooth playback.
If you decide to commit it, please move the declaration of has_pcr in demux_ts.c

Carl Eugen

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