[MPlayer-users] Blackmagic Codec

Larry Reznick lreznick at idistream.com
Fri Feb 15 23:00:20 CET 2008

Roberto Togni wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 10:36:06 -0800
> Larry Reznick <lreznick at idistream.com> wrote:
>> RC wrote:
>>> On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 13:53:46 -0800
>>> Larry Reznick <lreznick at idistream.com> wrote:
>>>> A reference from 2006 that I found shows someone configuring
>>>> codecs.conf to use the  blackmagiccodec.qtx. I downloaded the latest
>>>> Windows XP version from  http://www.decklink.com/support/software/ but
>>>> it comes in the form of an  MSI (Microsoft Installer) file, not a QTX
>>>> file. 
>>> An MSI is a (compressed) application installer, much like many EXE's. 
>>> In other words, there's probably a qtx inside it, but you'll need a
>>> Windows environment to get at it.
>> I got the Blackmagic codec for XP to work on Fedora 6. After installing 
>> the MSI file on a Windows box, I transferred the BMDCodecLib.dll file to 
>> my F6 system and installed the DLL file into /usr/local/lib/codecs with 
>> the others. I added the following to codecs.conf:
>>     videocodec qtv210
>>     info "Win32/QuickTime Blackmagic 10Bit"
>>     status working
>>     fourcc v210
>>     driver vfw
>>     dll "BMDCodecLib.dll"
>>     out BGR32
>> Setting the driver to qtvideo fails because qtvideo appears to only 
>> check for the various Quicktime DLLs, typically using the qtx suffix. 
>> But, the vfw driver worked. Maybe one of the developers will add this 
>> entry to the default codecs.conf.
> Please upload a sample file and the dll to our ftp
> ftp://upload.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/incoming/ and then tell us the file
> names.
> Ciao,
>  Roberto

I uploaded blackmagic.codecs.conf, which has the qtv210 entry near the 
top of the file. The rest of the file is the codecs.conf that comes with 
the current revision (SVN r26003).

I also uploaded BMDCodecLib.dll, which is the free DLL embedded in the 
Windows XP MSI file that one would download from Decklink. I presume 
that future versions Decklink makes available would work similarly and 
that one would only have to overwrite the one I uploaded with a newer 


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