[MPlayer-users] Blackmagic Codec

Larry Reznick lreznick at idistream.com
Fri Feb 15 19:36:06 CET 2008

RC wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 13:53:46 -0800
> Larry Reznick <lreznick at idistream.com> wrote:
>> A reference from 2006 that I found shows someone configuring
>> codecs.conf to use the  blackmagiccodec.qtx. I downloaded the latest
>> Windows XP version from  http://www.decklink.com/support/software/ but
>> it comes in the form of an  MSI (Microsoft Installer) file, not a QTX
>> file. 
> An MSI is a (compressed) application installer, much like many EXE's. 
> In other words, there's probably a qtx inside it, but you'll need a
> Windows environment to get at it.

I got the Blackmagic codec for XP to work on Fedora 6. After installing 
the MSI file on a Windows box, I transferred the BMDCodecLib.dll file to 
my F6 system and installed the DLL file into /usr/local/lib/codecs with 
the others. I added the following to codecs.conf:

    videocodec qtv210
    info "Win32/QuickTime Blackmagic 10Bit"
    status working
    fourcc v210
    driver vfw
    dll "BMDCodecLib.dll"
    out BGR32

Setting the driver to qtvideo fails because qtvideo appears to only 
check for the various Quicktime DLLs, typically using the qtx suffix. 
But, the vfw driver worked. Maybe one of the developers will add this 
entry to the default codecs.conf.



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